“LinkedIn for Lawyers’ is a valuable resource to help lawyers understand the new world of marketing. Prior to reading this guide I approached the topic of social media with a mixture of scepticism and fear of the unknown. After reading it I am less sceptical and less afraid. I understand the phenomena of social media and how it can be used. All lawyers should, at least, be able to say that much. One of the commendable features of this book is that it doesn’t seek to over-sell LinkedIn. It shows how it might be used through practical, day-to-day examples about how to use LinkedIn effectively. I recommend it to all lawyers wanting to understand how they could use LinkedIn as part of their marketing toolkit.”

Donald Robertson, Partner, Freehills, Australia

“If you had to find your way in a new country, you wouldn’t dream of starting out without a reliable map.  If LinkedIn was a country, it would be the eighth most populous in the world.

Kirsten Hodgson has produced an accessible and informative guide to this wide new country in the digital world.  It will allow even the most hesitant new starter to get set up on LinkedIn, and it will give experienced old hands new ideas to leverage the platform to further advantage.  The topics are well organised and the text is easy to follow.  Although the guide is entitled ‘LinkedIn for Lawyers’, in truth it will be of interest and value to anyone who uses LinkedIn –particularly those who are looking to use social media as an effective marketing tool.  The guide is full of helpful tips and suggestions for actions that will allow the reader to make the most of what LinkedIn has to offer.

I have found the guide to be most useful to me as a constant point for reference.  I keep it open beside my computer whenever I go into LinkedIn.  With Kirsten’s guidance, LinkedIn has become a very significant part of my networking activities.

I commend ‘LinkedIn for Lawyers’ to anyone who has an interest in connecting with others, as an integral part of doing business in the age of computers.”

Royden Hindle, Arbitrator, Mediator and Barrister, Bankside Chambers, New Zealand

“Kirsten is well known for her impact on her clients’ marketing results – providing high quality ideas, common sense pragmatism and real-time follow up. In “LinkedIn for Lawyers” Kirsten explains both “why” and “how” lawyers should use LinkedIn to add a new dimension to their individual marketing programmes. With her trademark logical thinking style, backed up with evidence and success stories, Kirsten’s book is a must for lawyers who want to grow their practices. Reading the book and implementing Kirsten’s step by step instructions will only take around 3-4 hours initially.  It is a small investment with a powerful payback. Easy and effective, “LinkedIn for Lawyers” helps you add rocket fuel to your current profile building and networking activities. Take Kirsten’s advice and see the results for yourself.”

Rachel Hopkins, Former Law Firm Marketing Director, New Zealand

“LinkedIn for Lawyers is the LinkedIn book I have been searching for. Kirsten Hodgson has done a wonderful job in connecting the reader with the 3 critical questions that have puzzled me and kept me from LinkedIn for several years:

  • Why should I use LinkedIn?
  • What results can I achieve?
  • How can I make it happen without spending massive amounts of time online?

With a combination of practical tips, convincing stories, research and user friendly language ‘LinkedIn for Lawyers’ has given me the start I needed. Within hours I was making progress and connecting with my desired audience.

This book is great for the legal profession but also valuable for anyone wanting to understand and use LinkedIn”

Dr Andrew O’Brien, Co-Founder and Partner, Trusted Authority Partners, Australia

Book Reviews
There are many guides available on LinkedIn, lots of them free and readily available via the web. So I was interested to see why a book, specifically aimed at Lawyers, would be worth buying.

Well IT IS!! I am not a lawyer, never was and won’t ever be. I consider myself to be reasonably IT savvy – I mean I have a BLOG, and I thought I had LinkedIn nailed (check out my 500+ connections – which has more status that a black Amex card!). But I learned more about how LinkedIn can help me and my business in 30 minutes of reading this book than in the 2 years I have been a member.

Now I should own up – I know the author Kirsten Hodgson, a NZ based professional services marketing guru who has a truly global reputation after working as a BD & Marketing professional for some of the World’s leading law firms. You would expect me to know her given what I do; but actually I have been following her blog and status updates on LinkedIn for over a year, and have been admiring her intelligent and insightful articles from a distance. She knows what she is talking about, she knows how to inform and she has a sense of humour. What more can you ask for?

This book does what it says it will. It will help Lawyers to connect, engage and grow their business (practice); and it does it in a traditional (i.e print) and technologically savvy way, via use of an interactive online resource which can be accessed via QR codes. Yes, it really does. You can read it and scan it with your iPhone at the same time (though not in the bath obviously).

The book is laid out in clear, concise chapters. Taking you from a novice premise of “Introduction to Social Media” right through to Advertising, Starting Groups and Leveraging your profile. Its brilliant stuff.

I am not expert enough to review whether all the suggestions are the most efficient or effective, but I reckon you would be hard pressed to find a more informative and accessible guide as this one. More importantly, if you have a job where you have to persuade lawyers to join and use LinkedIn, then this book is surely a ‘Must Have”. After all if Lawyers see there is a book on the subject, they are bound to take it seriously.

Graham Seldon, Professional Services Recruitment, Australia

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