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About the author

I am a legal marketing specialist with over 13 years proven legal marketing experience both in-house (at Clifford Chance in London and Minter Ellison Rudd Watts in Auckland) and as a consultant to lawyers and barristers throughout New Zealand.

Over the past three years I have seen significant results in my own business from engaging via LinkedIn and blogging. These include generating new business as a direct result of these activities, being quoted in the media, and developing a modular LinkedIn training programme for lawyers.

I have run several social media workshops over the past two years in Auckland, Wellington and the UK covering the ways in which professionals can use social media from a business development and marketing perspective, how to get the basics right, and how to leverage these platforms successfully.

The background to this book

I first became interested in LinkedIn in 2008 when a former colleague invited me to join. I explored the platform and immediately saw its potential for my clients (predominantly lawyers) and my own business. Since then, I have spent a significant amount of time learning about the various features and testing different ways of doing things. That’s one of the reasons I like LinkedIn (and other social networks): you can try different ways of doing things that often yield surprising results.

While LinkedIn is a well-known tool for job seekers and recruiters, it’s so much more than this. It has huge potential to make your existing business development and marketing initiatives even more successful.

Over the past two years, I have run numerous seminars and workshops for lawyers about LinkedIn and shared my 5-phase process to leveraging it. I’ve helped more than 30 lawyers and many other professionals to develop compelling profiles, to connect and engage with their clients, prospective clients, influencers, referrers, and peers, to take relationships offline and to generate new business leads.

I started writing this book in December 2010 when a couple of lawyers asked me how they could use LinkedIn. It’s been on and off the backburner since then! It seems lawyers have a huge desire to understand LinkedIn but there’s an underlying fear of privacy issues and getting it wrong. The good news is that the principles of LinkedIn are very simple and common-sense goes a long way to overcoming your fears. Think of LinkedIn as a giant networking event, full of the people you want to connect and engage with. Treat it as such. Think about what you’re doing. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want to see on the front page of your National newspaper and be mindful of your Law Society or Bar Association’s rules, guidelines and ethics governing your use of social networks.

LinkedIn is one of my primary sources of new business. This guide gives you the information you need to make it work for you.





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