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LinkedIn: A Waste of Time or a Worthwhile Investment For Lawyers

If you’re like many lawyers you may have heard stories that LinkedIn is a tremendous opportunity for you to generate new clients and forge alliances with other lawyers around the world.  Yet despite plenty of effort and good will, most have found it to be deeply frustrating with little or no business generated.

For some, it is totally confusing, for others they invest time but see little returns while for others, they generate a few connections but not much else.

Why is it then that professional marketers and some lawyers sing the praises of LinkedIn yet the vast majority of users find little or no return?  What is the missing piece to making it work?  Or is it all hype?

If you have felt frustrated at your efforts on LinkedIn and are beginning to think it is a waste of your time, help is at hand.

LinkedIn for Lawyers: Connect, Engage and Grow your Business is a step-by-step guide written specifically for lawyers to show you how you can use LinkedIn to achieve your business development and marketing goals.

It is a simple read filled with practical, actionable tips that you can quickly and easily put into effect.

The book will uncover the supposed secrets to finding success on LinkedIn.  The secret is, there are no secrets; it just requires an experienced legal marketing professional to show you how others have successfully generated multiple clients and additional revenue directly from using LinkedIn.

In the book you will learn:-

  • A simple 5-phase process to using LinkedIn, complete with practical tips you can put into practice straight away
  • An overview of the various LinkedIn features and how you can use them for business development success
  • Specific ways in which lawyers have used LinkedIn to grow their practices, including how one lawyer landed a six-figure client.
  • A simple, non-obtrusive tactic that got me two new business meetings in two weeks with prospects who have since become clients.
  • Some useful tools you can use to save time with your social media activity.

When you have finished reading this book you will know exactly what features LinkedIn offers and more importantly, how you can use these for your own marketing success.

You can also sample a chapter at no cost here.

Purchasers of the book will also receive complementary membership of LinkedIn for Lawyers Online Resource Centre.  Here you can:

  • View videos that show you how to use LinkedIn more efficiently
  • Download the templates mentioned in the book
  • Have direct access to links to useful resources, and
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest developments to the LinkedIn platform.

You can buy the book here or read a sample by clicking here.

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